Speaker list

Subsequent to the peer review process, the following papers are accepted and have been confirmed for presentation at RACT 2015 (final titles pending) in virtue of scoring an average of more than five out of seven points. 22 abstracts were submitted. The rate of acceptance is 31.8%.

  • Patricia Cooke (University of Rochester, USA). The Impact of Engaging in Philosophy with Middle School Children on the Development of Critical Thinking
  • Moira Howes (Trent University, Canada). Emotion regulation, intellectual virtue, and debiasing in critical thinking instruction
  • Mariusz Urbanski, Katarzyna Paluszkiewicz and Joanna Urbanska (Adam Mikiewicz University, Poznan, Poland). Erotetic problem-solving and learning: from real data to formal models
  • Kelvin Autenrieth and Ulrich Wechselberger (Independent Researcher; Institute for Web Science and Technologies, Koblenz, Germany). From Chaos to Structure – A Game-Based approach to stimulate and analyze Critical Thinking
  • Hugo Mercier, Maarten Boudry and Fabio Paglieri (University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland; Ghent University, Belgium; ISTC-CNR Rome, Italy). Natural born arguers: an evolutionary perspective on critical thinking education
  • Guillaume Beaulac and Tim Kenyon (Yale University, USA; University of Waterloo, Canada). The scope of de-biasing in the classroom
  • Gabor Tahin (Downside School, United Kingdom). Cicero`s Case for Pompeius` Command against Mithridates: How to Learn (and Teach) the Art of Strategic Reasoning?
  • Christian Dahlman, Farhan Sarwar and Frank Zenker (Lund University). De-Biasing in Legal Decision Making

Plus six key note speakers and one special guest arrangement.